• Matsuri


    15 Bury Street, St James's, London, SW1Y 6AL Japanese
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    Established in 1993, Matsuri St James’s brought a fresh, innovative approach to eating out in Mayfair. Introducing not only traditional Japanese food, such as sushi and tempura, Matsuri offered a new style of Japanese cuisine: Teppanyaki, the art of “live cooking”.

    Tasting menus bring together the best possible ingredients selected from market, while a well-balanced list of wines, champagnes and sakes complement the experience, from aperitifs and starters through to dessert.

    With a traditional and elegant Japanese décor, the teppanyaki private room (18 seated, 25 standing) hosts all occasions, from family gatherings to business events. Kimono-dressed waitresses will be serve the room, while chefs cook dinner live in front of guests on a hot sizzling grill – the teppanyaki.

    With modern and elegant Japanese décor, the business private room (6 seated, 6 standing) is perfect for business meetings: a discreet space to discuss, present projects or meet clients while enjoying Matsuri’s authentic Japanese cuisine.